Hey there, I am Gene and I'm a gym junkie, I was bitten by the fitness bug when I was a kid. This blog is meant to serve as fitspiration for me and others who want to get some workout inspiration. I believe there are 3 key things when it comes to getting the body of your dreams, they are proper nutrition, exercise and rest. If you want to see my progress go down and check out my about me page. I love helping anyone who is interested in their fitness or anyone who wants to get a lean ripped physique.

Remember to keep killin' it in the gym, and always keep it beastmode!

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How to get 8 pack abs - 8 pack abs workout plan

Do you know that most guys want to have a flat stomach and 8 pack abs to go with it, but many of those guys will never get those abs that they want so badly because they are not willing to put in the work and effort it takes for one to develop 8 pack abs. I will first tell you that not everyone can get 8 pack abs because your ab structure is purely genetic, some of us can only get 6 or 4 pack abs but every time I refer to 8 pack abs let that be what ever your genetics allow you to have. Now back to how to get great visible shredded abs, there are 3 very important steps to follow in order to get 8 pack abs diet, ab workouts and cardio.I will break each one down below and explain what is needed in each step.


- this is perhaps the most important step of this whole process of getting a flat stomach. Without a clean healthy diet, no matter what you do, it will be like taking a step forward and 5 steps back, which is pointless really that is why your diet needs to be on point. You need to stop eating junk food (fast food), and you need to drinking alcohol and fizzy drinks and drink water instead. Water is recommended for muscle and strenght gain because it aids in recovery and growth, plus it increases blood volume so that nutrients are transported to the necessary places. You need to replace the bad fats with good fats like omega 3 fats found in nuts and fish, you need to cut down on sugary stuff because access sugar in the body is converted to fat and stored fat in the body. You need to increase your daily intake of protein so as to support muscle growth and recovery especially after a workout.



2. Ab exercises

- it really does not matter what ab exercise you do as long as you are hitting a lot of reps and pushing your abs to the limit. Abs are like other muscle they get used to workouts if you do the same workout same rep every time, so you need to hit high reps and feel the burn. there are many ab exercises you can choose from, which ever you choose must target all 3 main ab regions. The regions being the obliques, upper and lower abs. If you have workouts that target all those regions you will have thick fully developed abs that are visible for the ladies to drool at and the guys to want abs like yours.   Here are a few ab exercises you can try : sit-ups, crunches, reverse crunches weighted crunches, v-ups, jack knife sit-up exercise, hanging leg raises, hanging oblique twists, bicycles, planks, lying leg lifts/raises…I could continue forever there are a lot of ab workouts take your pick. With sit-ups I suggest you do a lot of them if you are doing sit ups only for that session to get the best results, the other exercise can be done in reps of 20-25 and 4 sets. You should combine 2 or 3 of the exercises to get the best results, do not do them all at once, you will use them in future to promote thickness as your abs will not be used to those exercises and that’s how you will get good results.


3. The final stage of getting 8 pack abs is having an intense cardio routine:

some people prefer jogging as it allows them to breathe in the fresh air in the mornings and sets them up for a great day but I prefer high intensity interval training because it does not take long and it is more fun than jogging. I prefer sprints or any other high activity sports related cardio activity. You could dance, play soccer, tennis, swim, or do martial arts, what ever keeps your cardio fresh. The purpose of this cardio is to burn all the fat covering your abs so all your hard work becomes visible to you and others when you are topless at the beach or at the pool with friends.

All 3 steps are vital if you are serious about getting ripped abs, you cannot skip a single step unless you were a genetic freak of-course.